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“Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation that is located in Bavaria, Germany. Sportswear and equipments giant has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Mazda Motor Logistics Europe (MLE was founded in 1968 at Belgium. MLE employs over 350 employees. MLE delivers spare parts directly to over 2300 Dealers and Independent Distributors in more than 30 European countries. Mazda has chosen SNI SII & SAF-T solutions.”


“The major German multinational company that produces athletic shoes, footwear, and other sportswear has has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”

PHILIPS Lighting

“Established in Holland in 1891, PHILIPS is the world leader in electrical appliances (lighting, healthcare products, electrical consumables). 125 years of PHILIPS Lighting has chosen SNI SII & SAF-T solutions.”

Ralph Lauren

“What began 40 years ago with a collection of ties has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream. Ralph Lauren has chosen SNI E-archive ,SNI e-book keeping and SNI e-Invoice solutions.”


“Located in central Switzerland, Franke is a world leading provider of products and solutions for residential kitchens and bathrooms, professional foodservice, coffee preparation and semi-/public washrooms. Franke has chosen SNI SII & SAF-T solutions.”


“ Epta established in 1986 under the name of Limana costan in italy, operates in 35 countries and provides air conditioning and refigiration solutions choose SNI for E-ledger solutions.”


“It's the world's first dust-free vacuum cleaner brand. Dyson machines are sold in over 65 countries around the world. DYSON has chosen SNI SII & SAF-T solutions.”


“ Originating in Danmark, Maersk was founded in 1904 and nowadays Maersk is operating more than 130 countries over 115,000 employees in worldwide.Leading in the container transportation market and also in the meantime, operating activities in; port management, shipyards, industrial companies, retailing, petroleum and natural gas researching and tanker construction systems. Maersk choose SNI for E-ledger solution.”


“Grifols has three primary divisions -- Bioscience, Diagnostic and Hospital – which develop, produce and market our innovative products and services to medical professionals in more than 90 countries around the world. Grifolshas chosen SNI SII & SAF-T solutions.”

Akzo Nobel

“AkzoNobel, is one of the world's leading industrial giants, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Founded in 1959, Conair is a $ 2 billion global company that sells professional salon products, personal care products, consumer and commercial kitchen appliances in over 120 countries under the name of over 25 brands.Conair Babyliss Polska and Spain has chosen SNI SII & SAF-T solutions.”


“Established in 1913, Prada as the part of the Prada Group operating in the luxury goods market as the showing off its sophisticate and inspirer icon within representing a power in business world. Prada has chosen the SNI E-Ledger solution.”

Clark Shoes

“Clark Shoes, the world famous 200-year-old, has chosen SNI SII solution.”


“In Industry of energy and telecommunication cables with 19.000 employees, brach offices in 50 countries and with 88 factory as a world leader Prysmian Group SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Invoice solutions.”


“Hexion is a global leader in thermoset resins. As a global producer operating about 60 industrial plants worldwide, it supplies its customers with Epoxy, Phenolic and Coating Resins Division and Forest Products Division. Hexion has chosen SNI SII solution.”


“SPIG has 75 years experienced in cooling industry and carry out tens of projects in Turkey has chosen SNI e-Ledger..”


“Yazaki automative has totally 200 production and sales centers in 39 countries, within approximately 200.000 employees all over the world and has %24 market share in the area of automative wire equipment and leading in their sectors, Yazaki automative choose SNI-e-ledger solution.”


“SSAB is high-strenght steel production company, operating in 50 countries over 16.000 employees. SSAB has chosen SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Invoice solutions.”


“Gefco is a leading company in the sectors of industrial logistics and automotive logistics, offers fast and efficient logistic solutions for its customers all over the world. Gefco which provides service in the 5 continents, 150 countries, and offers service since 2002 in Turkey, has chosen the SNI E-Ledger solution.”


“Progıda Incorporated Company which was established with partnership of Pisani Rickertsen in Istanbul in 1988, as one of leading manufacturers of Turkey in the areas of natural and refined nut, gets into the act in its well-armed and modern factory has chosen the SNI E-Ledger solution.”


“Since its foundation in 1838; World leader maquet named with as innovation, quality and confidence supporter to all over the world has chosen SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Invoice solutions.”


“Founded in İstanbul in 2007, Multivac Turkey is a global company that operates more than 140 countries and within over 4.200 employees.Multivac Turkey is providing activities notably in the food industry and also in the industry of medicine, packaging and labeling industrial and consumer goods solution oriented systems since 2010. Multivac Turkey has chosen SNI E-ledger and SNI E-Invoice solution.”


“Damco, which is the service provider of global logistics, is a company of A.P.Moller - Maersk group. Damco as a group company which was established in 1977, nowadays provides services of water transfer, aerial transportation and road transport, storage and issue, supply chain management and project transport with 280 offices and 10,000 employees in 100 countries. Damco has chosen the SNI E-Invoice and E-Ledger solution.”


“One of the world's biggest industrial company Tefal has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution


“Deloitte, the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and by the number of professionals, provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services with more than 200,000 professionals in over 150 countries. Deloitte has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution


“With approximately 132,000 employees worldwide, including more than 21,000 engineers and scientists, Honeywell has chosen SNI e-Invoice, SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Archive solutions.”


“Originating in Rome, Bulgari was founded as a jewellery shop in 1884 as a small silversmith. With passionate skill and vision, he set the stage for Bulgari to become a permanent emblem of Italian excellence.Bulgari has chosen SNI E-Archive ,SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Invoice solutions


“Camper, thanks to the collaboration of leading designers, exclusive products and superior plays a major role in the chain of stores.Camper has chosen SNI E- Invoice, SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Archive solutions


“With 21 companies, four of which rank among Turkey's biggest 500 ,23 factories and facilities, job opportunities provided more than 7500 people, more than 1. 000 dealerships, and 200.000 points of sale through which it delivers its products and services, Yasar Holding has chosen SNI e-archive solution.”


“Jantsa , since 1977 in which it operates and has chosen SNI e-book keeping solution.”


“Zoetis is the one of the Pfizer group company and one of the global players in animal health products which has a long history of 60 years. Zoetis has chosen SNI e-Archive ,SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Invoice solutions.”


“With 5,000 employees and 15 manufacturing facilities across the globe , as one of the pioneers of Packaging Technology Appe has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


“Indeks Group is distributing more than 200 worldwide brands, employing 306 personal and operating with more than 7.500 business partners. Indeks Group has chosen SNI FRB solution.”


&#Turkey's second large industrial enterprise was established in 1992.Today, Bayteks owns 7 companies in 4 different markets that makesproduction and marketing with 750 employees and also operating in nonwoven market with capacity of Spunbond 500 tons/month, SMMS 500 tons/month, Meltblown 120 tons/month.Bayteks has chosen SNI E-Ledger and E-Invoice solution.”


&#Croda Kimya is producing raw materials globally in the field of medical,industry and performance products since 1925.Preferred the most from its customers Croda Kimya has chosen SNI.”

Coko Werk

&#Launching in the center of Germany since 1926,Coko Werk is operating in plastic injection industry working over more than 800 employees in Germany,Poland and Turkey. Coko Werk has chosen SNI E-Ledger and E-Invoice solution.”


“Founded in 1917, LEONI is now a global wiring system and cable technology leader. Around 75.000 highly qualified and motivated employees work together in 31 countries to maintain and expand its position as a global market leader. Leoni has chosen SNI e-Ledger , SNI e-Invoice and SNI FRB solutions.”

Ontex Global

“Launching in Belgium Ontex Global has 13 production facilities and 27 sales and marketing sites all over the world since 1979.Ontex Global is reaching out high customer satisfaction by producing hygiene products for private brands such as Canbebe,Helen Harper and Canped.Ontex Global has chosen SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Invoice solutions.”


“Çilek was founded in 1995 in Turkey in an effort to specialize and make a difference in all aspects. Çilek follows the path of becoming a global brand by spreading all over the world through franchising and enriches the rooms of more than three million children worldwide. In total, Çilek operates 444 outlets scattered over 66 countries in 5 continents, serving with 2.000 employees in a total indoor space of 60.000 sqm. Çilek,has chosen SNI e-Invoice, SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-archive solutions.”

RWE Türkiye

“ One of the best 5 electic and gaz firm RWE experinced in more than 100 years, 48 billion dollars endorsement and with more than 60000 employee the energy company supplies electricity and gas to more than 16 million electricity customers and 7 million gas customers. RWE Turkey has chosen SNI E-Archive solution for consumer invoces.”


“Traçim Cement was established in 2008 as the corporation of Soyak Holding. By producing 2 million tonnes cement and 1,85 million tonnes Klinker, Traçim aims for leading the market with high rate of customer satisfaction.Traçim Cement has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


“One of the leading cable production company firm Kabtek established in 1995 and has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


“Kardem left behind magnificant 18 years.Since its established it always focused on exportation, quality production and on time delivery.In addition to these succeed competitive ratings.Kardem choose SNI e-ledger solutions.”


“The corporation of Akzo Nobel Group Company "Marshall" is the leader of producing and selling in dye sector within its investments and technologies in Turkey since 1998. .Within the support of Giant Akzo Nobel Group Company choose SNI e-ledger solutions.”

İşbir Holding

“İşbir Sünger has started its production in 1977 in Ankara dominating highly Turkey market and have wide product range.İşbir Sünger has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”

Hayes Lemmerz Jantaş Jant Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş

“Lemmerz İnci which commenced production in 1992, has been established with the partnership of Lemmerz Holding in Germany and İnci Holding which carries on the activity in various sectors in Turkey. The name of the company changed as Hayes Lemmerz İnci after American Hayes had bought Lemmerz in 1997. After it became a partner with Lochpe Maxion which is the greatest rim producer of global market, the company has chosen the SNI E-Ledger and the SNI E-Invoice solutions

Abh Holding

“The foundation of Anadolu Birlik Holding was laid when the Konya sugar factory was launched by the Konya producers cooperative in 1950s.During the years following the set-up of Konya Şeker, AB Holding was incorporated in 2008 as the parent company of enterprises formed upon horizontal and vertical growth of the factory.ABH Holding has chosen SNI e-book keeping, e-Invoice and HSM solution.”


“Arkopa the shining star of the Turkish furniture industry,has chosen SNI e-Invoice, SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-archive solutions.”


“Fer Yapı, total value approaching 2 billion 500 thousand m² of total construction projects in the field, is advancing with firm step and has chosen SNI E- Invoice ,SNI e-Ledger ,SNI e-Archive and SNI EKG solutions.”

Kültür Uni.

“Kültür University established on 15 July 1997 has chosen SNI E-archive ,SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Invoice solutions.”


“The capacity of the fish processing and the quality is increased every year and now with their partners and four companies Kobyalar Group has reached a capacity of 4.000 ton/day.Kobyalar ,has chosen SNI e-Invoice, SNI e-book keeping and SNI E-archive solutions.”

IC Holding

“IC İbrahim Çeçen Yatırım Holding (IC Holding), which was founded in 1969 and which goes on with its business operations under the umbrella of a Holding, mainly carries out its business activities in the industries of Construction, Energy Generation and Distribution , Tourism, Industry, and Infrastructure. IC Holding has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”

Federal Mogul

“Reached in turnover of 6.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2010, Federal-Mogul Corporation operates in 34 countries with 43 thousand employees. Vitalizing the world`s most prestigitous automotive brands, Federal-Mogul has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Having more than 6,400 employees in nearly 40 countries, Grace's describes itself as "a premier specialty chemicals and materials company. To enhance the quality of life, Grace provides innovative products, technologies and services.In this process, Grace has decided to work with SNI.”

Sun Chemical

“Sun Chemical, a member of the DIC group, is the world's largest producer of printing inks and pigments and a global supplier in packaging, publishing, industrial areas and other important materials such as plastic and cosmetics. has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Launched activities in 1973 in the plastic packaging industry,Korozo has made investments to contribute to the development of the packaging industry. has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”

Koyuncu Holding

“Since 1996 Koyuncu Elektronik has been offering the service of IT, safety, consumers electronics in the mobile communications business. Koyuncu that puts international famous brands into service such as Microsoft, Asus, Packard Bell, Kingston, AMD, Creative, Acer, Benq, Samsung Techwin products, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”

Bayraktar Holding

“Bayraktar Group is an industry and trade corporation working for national and international markets in the areas of real estate development, automotive and automotive sub-industry. Bayraktar is one of the leading groups of Turkey with 1200 employees and turnover rate over 875 million dollar and 6 companies with two foreign partners, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Servier, the first French independent pharmaceutical group, present in 140 countries with 20.000 employees and with a turnover of 3.9 billion euros in 2011 has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Recordati that was established in 1926 and is a European pharmaceutical group, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“As a global French company specialist in energy management Schneider Electric operates in more than 100 countries with 140,000 employees. Schneider Group, achieved a sales of 24 billion euros in 2012, has chosen SNI e-Invoice solution.”


“66 Merck, the world`s leading German chemical industries company, present in 66 countries around the world with a number of 39.000 employees, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”

Hayes Lemmerz

“Founded in 1908, Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc. is a leading worldwide producer of aluminum and steel wheels for passenger cars and commercial trucks. The Company which has global operations with 20 facilities in 12 countries has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”

İnci Akü

“Established in 1984, İnci Akü provides long-lasting rapid solutions in energy storage. İnci Akü, with the fellow distributor company İncitas, has 100 main dealers, approximately 3,500 retails points of sale, 180 technical services and 90 various distributors around the world. İnci Akü that executes operations in 66 countries, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Farba that was established in1979 in Bayraktarlar Holding and have 30.000 m2 open area,22.000 m2 covered area ,and which employes approximately 500 people,has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”

Alcatel Lucent

“Alcatel-Lucent for the process of e-billing solution ,has chosen has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“With 25 years of experience in all facets of printing industry, Umur Basim Sanayi ve Ticaret delivers products with high quality within appropriate conditions. In this process,has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”

Kansai Altan

“Kansai Altan Paint Industry Co., a paint manufacturing company located in Izmir on 100 thousand square meters with a capacity of 65 thousand tons, also provides approximately 77 percent of the polymer needs of the main raw material of paint at the polymer production facilities with a capacity of 16 thousand tons.”


“Operating successfully as a full system and co-designer supplier in all first-degree domestic and foreign automotive industry and along with that aiming to be the best in the European Industry,has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Hunca, established in 1957 as one of the most established companies of the Turkish cosmetics industry with preference of a creative identity, has chosen SNI e-Invoice solution.”


“Supplied in the sales support activities in Turkey, in 81 cities, approximately 5000 fixed dealers, 1000 mobile dealers and 6 electronic dealers through call centers and digital TV broadcast over the internet through, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Operating in more than 150 countries, one of the world's leading manufacturer of small appliances, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“The world`s largest powder coating producer has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Besides headquartered in Germany, Bericap is located in 21 production facilities in 19 countries with more than 5,000 employees. The world's leading cap manufacturer has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Being aware of the unquestionable importance of electricity in our economic and social lives, Tredaş aims to provide continuous, high quality services in a cost-effective way across Thrace. has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Founded in 1983 to produce molded foam, Martur is now one of the leading suppliers for production of automotive seats worldwide. Operating now in Bursa in three factories employing more than 1450 people,has chosen SNI e-Invoice solution.”


“Established in Ankara, Hidromek is a world brand in the construction machinery manufacturing sector. Producing competitive products and services in the construction machinery sector, has chosen SNI e-Invoice solution.”


“Since 1987, NOKSEL serves domestic and international markets by manufacturing spiral welded steel pipes for petroleum, gas, water and piling industries. Having increased the number of production lines to five in both plants and its production capacity to 350.000 tons per year, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Turkey, Drogsan was established in 1975 as member of a family group “Nevzat Group of Companies” being active in the pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years with one of the oldest and largest pharma wholesale distribution chains in Turkey. Drogsan has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”

Mir Holding

“Mir Holding is a technology firm with an approach to provide technology for the majority under four main headings: Thermodynamic, Fluid mechanics, Heat transfer and Materials. It emerged as a result of Dizayn Group’s practice of defining expansions into different businesses and sectors under separate corporate firms and brands. Mir Holding has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Eldor, specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of various electronic components, was founded in 1972. The corporation, the European market leader with 49% market share and ranks among the top five producers in the history,has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Based in Germany in 1933, Fakir has grown into the business over the years and has become today`s global household appliances Giant. Focused on the challenges of a growing European market and rapidly changing technologies, Fakir could acquire high-quality services with its unmistakable profile of quality. Fakir has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”

Sew EuroDrive

“ Based in Southern Germany SEW has manufacturing assembly and service centers throughout the world employing over 15,000 people worldwide with annual sales in excess of €2.4 billion. Having made its mark in the industry by making geared motors, frequency inverters and servo drives, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”

Ege Endüstri

“Specialized in manufacturing commercial vehicle axles and axle components including fabricated axle housings and tag axles, Ege Endustri has become assertive in this field. Ege Endustri whose goal is to become the most preferable business partner for their customers by exceeding their expectations by supplying them the best quality products, is now cooperating with SNI for e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


“Treysan Prefabricated operates on a land area totaling 50,000sqm and production is carried out in the 18,000sqm plant with an annual production capacity of 600,000sqm. Investing further into technology in 2003, Treysan set up a second plant of 3,500sqm where it has successfully carried out weld-free production..”


“ Kervan Gida has aimed to become one of the three most important candy companies in the world and in Turkey with its skilled management, innovative research and development work, modern understanding of production, environmental policies and modern communication technologies which suit the current and everchaging consumer demands.”

Lila Kağıt

“With the latest technology to produce innovative, high quality and ambitious products aims to be the market leader in Turkey tissue paper,Lila has decided to work with SNI.”

İba Kimya

“Founded in Ankara in 1977, IBA chemical, a leading global supplier of electrostatic powder coating industry in Turkey IBA has chosen SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Invoice solution.”


“Since founded in 1990, MTU Turkey has consistently expanded and transformed into a company with modern facilities and a specialized, experienced, and loyal labor force of over 120 employees. MTU is proud of creating value by offering business partners and high-tech solutions in harmony with the German engineering standards. MTU has chosen SNI to work with.”


With 1030 employees and history from 1961, Albis Plastic is Europe's leading brands thermoplastic supplier. Albis preferred to work with SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Being one of the first and best examples of modern retail, Altunbilekler is established in 1984 and curretly has more than 2000 employees and +60 stores. Altunbilekler selected to work with SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Atateks A.S. is a company which works on the weaving branch of the textile industry. While targeting the best satisfaction among customers needs, company has a monthly capacity to manufacture 750.000 mt of fabric. Being one of the leaders in the industry, Atateks A.S.has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solution.”


Belstar serve the full spectrum of shipping-related activities in Turkey, leveraging ZIM's fully-integrated worldwide shipping services, with vessels calling at all major Turkish ports.Belstar has chosenSNI e-Invoice, SNI e-Ledger and SNI e-Archive solutions.”


Having its headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany as CMS GmbH; CMS provides rims to Turkish and European Markets. With the experience of providing original rims to many well known automobile manufacturers and partnership with many international companies, company is one of the leaders in its industry. CMS uses SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Being established in 1755 in Scotland, Coats manufactures industrial thread and needlework products. Company is a leader and has the reputation of being one of the first true multi-national companies. Currently Coats has more than 70 manufacturing plants among six continents. Coats selected to work with SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Turkey's leading service organisation in IT industry; Destek Bilisim (Destek IT) responds to customer's expectaions with principles of reliability, solidity and provision of intact solutions since 2003. Working mainly with the objective on customer satisfaction, Destek Bilisim prefers the SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Ferrero Group which incorporates many successful brands such as Kinder, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher and closed 2013 with turnover of 8.1 billion €uro; has chose SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Mitas Energy and Mining Works A.S. is one of Turkey's leading 500 Large Scale Industrial Organisations. Company provides expanding services on design and manufacturing of steel poles/structures for energy/telecommunications industries. Mitas Energy and Minig A.S. has selected SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Being established on Magnitogorsk in 1932, MMK is one of the largest metal manufacturers and leader in the Russian market. MMK has selected SNI e-Invoice solutions.”


Netas has 47 years of experience in providing overall added value solutions of system integration and technology services to service providers both in Turkish and International markets. Netas is a user of SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Having a manufacturing capacity of 4.775.100 tons of cement per year, Nuh Cement is a leader of cement mannufacturing industry. Nuh Cement has selected SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Osram has 39.000 employees in over 150 countries and a turnover of 5.4 Billion Euros in 2012. Having company headquarters in Munich, Osram uses SNI e-Ledger solutions.”

Pas South

Pas Deutschland GmbH is a leading developer and manufacturer of cable and screenings for home appliences. Having plants in Germany, Poland, China, Turkey, USA and Mexico; Pas South is a global company that offers customer focused solutions. Pas South is a user of SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


(Renaissance) is a group of companies focused on construction, real estate investment, energy generation, health and education activities and maintains it’s business in the geographical area of Turkey, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the MENA Region; which has achieved an asset value (real estate portfolio) of approximately 3,7 Billion TL since incorporation, has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Raw material gathered from stone quarrels with the use of most developed technologies is transformed to more than 5.000 Turkish Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Stone and Onyx products. Tureks' facilities in Turkey produces more than 1.000.000 m2 finished Turkish Onyx, Marble, Travertine, Stone and Limestone. Tureks prefers SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


After its establishment in 1975, Unifree is managing 81 stores in 13 different international airports since 1984. Unifree uses SNI e-Ledger.”


Established in 2002, Yiltem Confection has increased its monthly capacity to 250.000 items in a short period of time. Providing solutions to all of Europe, Yiltem confection uses SNI Warehouse Management solution”.


Having a sales figure of 511 Million Euros in 2013 and 4.400 employees, Compentanta is a iron and aluminium components and casting solutions expert and leader in Europe. Componenta selected SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Established in 1968 and commissioned in 1971, Parsan exports 80% of its products to Germany, South African Republic, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Holland and Egypt. Parsan is uses SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


Hilti of which headquarquarters located in Schaan in the Principality of Liechtenstein, which has 22,000 employees, in more than 120 countries around the world and owns it’s own production plants as well as research and development centers in Europe, Asia and Latin America has chosen SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


With annual forging capacity of 15.000 tonnes, 38.000m2 outdoor and 15.000m2 indoor areas, Omtas provides forged assembly parts for commercial vehicles, automobiles, industrial engine and defence industries. Company exports to European countries such as Germany, Austria and Italy. Omtas selected SNI e-Invoice solution.”


Gur-Is is an experienced manufacturer specialized on machine and machine parts. Company has tremendous amount of knowledge and experience; and has representation on every continent. Gur-Is is a user of SNI e-Invoice and SNI e-Ledger solutions.”


The Geberit Group is the European market leader in sanitary technology with global presence. Geberit operates sales offices in 41 countries. The Geberit Group generated a sales volume of CHF 2.3 billion in 2013 and employs 6,200 people. Geberit Group has chosen SNI e-ledger solution.”